MADNano 2024

Mid-Atlantic DNA Nanotechnology Symposium


The use of synthetic DNA, RNA, or proteins applicable to:
  • Drug delivery / protein binding
  • Novel nanofabrication
  • Fundamentals of self-assembly
  • Macromolecular computation
Friday, March 29th
Agenda [UPDATED]
Where: (Map)
George Mason University
Science and Technology Campus
10900 University Blvd
Manassas, VA 20110
  • No Registration Fee
  • Lunch and coffee will be provided by the GMU Science and Technology Campus
Call for abstracts:
Abstract Submissions:
Abstract Deadline: February 12th
Talk/Poster Decisions: March 1st

If you would like to volunteer to sort abstract decisions, please email or If you would like to propose a panel discussion or breakout session, please submit an abstract with a short description of the theme and potential panelists.